We love animals, and pets can be valued members of the family who bring joy, energy, and laughter. However, you have the right to be safe when you are around animals, especially those animals that you do not own. Unfortunately, not all interactions with dogs are positive, and many people each year deal with trauma and serious injuries due to dog bites.

You might be surprised to find out that one in three homeowner insurance liability claims are due to dog bites. In addition, being bitten by a dog is the second highest cause of injury for children. Being attacked by an aggressive dog can quickly turn a normal day into a very traumatic day, and victims can also deal with the consequences for years or even decades to come.

In the state of Washington, there are laws in place to protect innocent people from negligent dog owners. The law makes the owner of the dog liable for bites and any injuries. It is reasonable to expect those who own dogs to keep them contained for the safety of others, and those who do not can be legally held accountable.

If your personal injury was caused by a pet owners’ negligence, the Law Office of Martin W. Hodges is here to help. We are happy to provide a free case evaluation with a dog bite lawyer when you reach us by phone at 425-245-5787.

Dealing with a dog bite is about a lot more than simply stopping the bleeding and preventing infection. Seeking proper medical care should always be your top priority, but then you have to deal with medical and homeowners insurance policies to try to get the compensation that you deserve.

When you hire the Law Office of Martin W. Hodges, it is our honor to deal with all of the legal hassles for you. Since you know that your liability claims are in good hands, you can relax and focus on the important job of healing. You can also reduce your stress since you will have someone available to answer your questions and address your legal concerns.


The dog bite attorney Lynnwood residents deserve is experienced, attentive, and hardworking. That’s what you will find when you choose Martin W. Hodges to handle your case. The physical effects of a dog bite are obvious, but the emotional damage can also occur. Whether the victim is a young child or a senior citizen, it is terrifying and traumatic to be attacked by an animal.

The Law Office of Martin W. Hodges is the right choice for you because of our more than 20 years of experience in personal injury. There are many different factors that can affect the outcome of your dog bite case, and you don’t want to miss any details that may help you get the settlement that you deserve.

Although our area is blessed with a variety of excellent lawyers, not all of them have the experience necessary to help you. Choose an attorney with specific dog bite experience and success because the outcome of your case strongly depends on this.

It’s important to remember that the attorney/client relationship cannot function effectively without trust. You don’t want an attorney that is going to push you or pressure you as you go through the process. Instead, you deserve to work with a professional who will handle you with care, especially as you are healing both emotionally and physically as a result of the dog bite.

Clients love working with the Law Office of Martin W. Hodges because Martin handles all of his cases personally. You will be working with a local Lynnwood attorney instead of a huge group of lawyers, and this allows you to have more personalized service.


When you choose the Law Office of Martin W. Hodges for your dog bite claim, you have access to a variety of benefits:

  • You can call us at 425-245-5787 to receive a free consultation.
  • We will come to meet with you in the hospital, at your home, or in our office for your convenience.
  • Our team deals with insurance company staff, so you will not have to.
  • We build a strong case from the ground up, including gathering evidence, researching accident reports, interviewing witnesses, and collecting other helpful information.
  • We do everything possible to find resources to pay your medical bills to prevent overdue payments.
  • We won’t rest until you get a fair settlement for your physical and emotional distress.
  • We will help you both in and out of court until your case is complete.
  • Our team is available to answer your questions at any time, and we will keep you informed about any new developments in your case.
  • You will receive polite, understanding service from an attorney who is committed to your best interests.


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