Best Schools in Everett

Parents of school-aged children will be happy to learn that Everett, WA has many exceptional, high-performing schools in the city. Children who attend public school are part of the Everett School District. There are also several private school options available in this diverse town. Here are a few of the best:


With test scores well above the state average, Forest View Elementary School prepares young students for a lifetime of learning. Teachers go above and beyond to make sure kids leave the campus ready for the next step in life. The school serves grades K-5 in a unique classroom pod setup. There are five pods and several small-group work areas. Students are encouraged to think creatively to solve problems.


The test scores for English and Science for students at Gateway Middle School are exceptionally high. With a wide range of STEM classes and several extracurricular activities, students in grades 6-8 get a solid education that will prepare them for their high school years. In order to enroll, students must complete an application. Space is limited, so parents are encouraged to apply well in advance.


Those in grades 9-12 may choose to attend Cascade High School. The school, as a whole, performs well on the biology state tests. This Everett school was built back in 1961 and underwent a renovation in 2000. Many students enroll in advanced STEM courses and take college prep classes to prepare them for higher education. There are also a variety of activities, including band, orchestra, choir, and drama.


Even the youngest students should expect to receive a topnotch education in Everett. Children from the infant stage through preschool will get the one-on-one attention they need to thrive at A World Discovery Montessori School. Unlike traditional schools, students get to learn at their own pace at this private school. The focused curriculum gives youngsters a head-start when it comes to math, science, and history. With small classrooms, students don’t have to fight for attention, and no one gets left behind in this unique learning environment.


Students who follow the beliefs of Seventh Day Adventists will enjoy learning at Forest Park Adventist Christian School in Everett. Serving grades K-8, this school combines both traditional curricula with many Christian-based classes. Students will learn math, science, reading, history, as well as scripture. Personal finance and other real-world courses are unique to this private school. They also believe that every pupil should participate in other activities. Music, art, and sports are pushed. Although a monthly enrollment fee is required, there is also financial aid available.


Families of the Roman Catholic faith may choose to send their teenagers to Archbishop Murphy High School. This Catholic school serves students in grades 9-12. In addition to providing a basic curriculum and college prep courses, the school also offers students many opportunities to learn more about their faith. Through religious retreats and international opportunities, students become educated, thoughtful, and well-rounded enough to lead a productive life in the future.

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